A better and cheaper infrastructure

Our company has been built from the ground up by our dedicated founder, who has spent the last 15 years architecting an array of infrastructure projects. These projects span the full spectrum from data centers to cloud and hybrid models, including 100% serverless environments. The breadth and depth of this experience have culminated in the building the infrastructure for two successful IPOs - one built entirely on-premise, and the other wholly in the cloud. You can learn more about our founder's journey here:

Kirill Pertsev

At CloudPrice, we believe in turning data into action.

  • Action:  Unlike our competitors, who may merely provide you with a stylish dashboard and complex graphs, we recognize the true needs of your business. You require tools that drive action, solutions that deliver value, and a way to optimize efficiency in a tangible way.
  • Toolkit:  CloudPrice's mission is to deliver a modular toolkit designed to maximize cloud efficiency across three key areas: financial investment, resource utilization, and infrastructure development. We focus on transforming intricate data into actionable insights, offering proactive advice on migrations, and resource allocation while integrating seamlessly with your business metrics. Our innovative 'Executive View' feature ensures you can correlate your infrastructure spending with business performance, providing meaningful interactivity for a deeper understanding, all without even knowing the technical details of the engineering backend.
  • Engineering:  But our innovation doesn't stop there. We're always developing fresh solutions to enhance resource utilization and infrastructure development. We offer unique tools, such as translation services between various Infrastructure as Code (IaC) languages and innovative methods to estimate the 'cloud nativeness' of applications.

CloudPrice is not a one-size-fits-all tool. We believe in adaptable, composable products tailored to your unique needs, featuring a unified UX and an open API for effortless third-party integration.

CloudPrice is more than just a service - we're your partner in successfully navigating the complexities of multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Let's take the next step in your cloud journey together.